Thursday, 31 December 2015

the sea creature and the pine water his Christmas stocking , Jboy received several terribly exciting toys, including two bath toys. One of them is a little fish which wriggles and lights up in water and the other is apparently some sea creature which spins and lights up AND spits out water.(I wonder if David Attenborough could name it??) Jboy likes the spinning toy but is a bit nervous of the wriggly fish,I think it is a bit too real and, well, wriggly.He also had some splendid bubble bath which smells of pine AND a hippo which plays 'sounds of nature' there we were, in the semi-darkness of silly o'clock, listening to sounds of nature, lit by an as yet undetermined sea creature who was spitting sweetly pine scented water at us. All was calm.Then..something terrible happened....the undetermined sea creature stopped moving and spitting.Much consternation ensued.. AArgh!! New battery alert. So, there I was, with my little short sighted eyes, unscrewing miniature screws in the bottom of a slippery weird sea creature so that I could unearth the AAA batteries and hope that in our drawer of Really Useful Things we had some spare ones. We did! Phew. So then I had to reverse the process and rescrew the teeny tiny screws into the weird undetermined sea creature so that we could once again enjoy it spitting water at us. 
We know how to have fun in our house!!!
Merry New Year
The End

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