Monday, 14 December 2015

M and the Serious Conversation

So...while Jboy was away, M made me sit down for a Serious Conversation. He wanted to talk about taking out a funeral plan for Jboy. Don't get me wrong. Jboy is healthy and shows no signs of needing a funeral plan but M feels that we need to have one in place.  Initially, I did the emotional equivalent of putting my fingers in my ears and singing lalalalalalalala but eventually I realised that I had to be grown up about this and we had The Conversation.  It causes me such internal pain to even think about it...but I know it is the sensible thing to do.  I just want to lie down and cry, to be honest, when I think about it. However, I have agreed to it being done but M will have to do.I can't. Not even a little bit.
Being a grown up sucks sometimes.
The End

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