Sunday, 20 December 2015

he's behind you!!!! I am on the Sunday before Christmas, at 9.30 in the morning, sitting with Jboy as he watches a children's panto on the TV..and I am weeping!!!  Weeping at the sincerity of the kids presenters, acting their little socks off, weeping at the children in the audience as they sit enraptured by the spectacle in front of them, weeping at the parents of the children who are joining in completely (oh yes they are!!) and weeping as my boy chuckles and giggles. My perpetual baby. My lovely 27 year old infant inside a strong, hairy man's body. What DOES he understand of the world? What does he make of this ,quite frankly, chaotic performance on the TV? Who knows???  All I can say is that he is captivated by the scene..and I am weeping. Not sad weeping. Not weeping with self-pity. Weeping that he is having such a lovely time.
Another day in the life of Jboy.......

The End

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