Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Jboy returns

So..Jboy has just come home from his weekend away at the Most Marvellous Respite Centre.  It is always a delight to see him when he comes home but after a night of very little sleep, I remember why we are always so relieved when he goes.  It is such a mixed feeling.....pleased that he is home but dreading the onslaught of broken nights that inevitably will be our life until the next respite break. Pleased to see his lovely smiley face but dreading the battles of will which we will have over all sorts of things. Pleased to feel his cuddly arms yet dreading the moment when they turn from cuddling to hurting, pinching, scratching.  When he is NOT here, there is a huge silent hole. When he IS here, he brings activity, bustling and constant movement. When he is not here, the other offspring can have our full attention(as they are all grown and gone, that isn't quite as relevant as once it was) and when he returns, they very nobly allow him and his needs to precede theirs.
So, thank goodness for the Most Marvellous Respite Centre and all the marvellous peeps who look after him so brilliantly there and give us all a bit of breathing space.
The End

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