Thursday, 31 December 2015

the year of more???

So....deep and meaningful thoughts on the year that is coming rapidly to its end??? hopeful thoughts for the year about to burst upon us??? I don't do New Year's resolutions..never have but I read something interesting was an article about 'more for the New Year' instead of dieting (and failing), trying to be the most marvellous person ever and never ever getting cross/irritated/moody again (and failing), reading all those classics again (and starting them but not always finishing them), starting to learn Russian (again) etc etc etc, it is a new mind set about laughing more, spending time with friends more and establishing relationships more. The article suggests more coffee with friends.Listening to more music. I suppose it is still a kind of New Year's resolution but maybe one I could actually achieve.  What is it that 'young people' say in their texting machine messages YOLO....???So,live this once life in all its fullest.In abundance. Maybe it is worth a try?????
I couldn't have said that yesterday when the Black Dog of being-less-than-cheery threatened to bite at my heels. Why it came I don't know but I am jolly glad it has run away again. Hey. let's be someone to turn to when the Black Dog comes a -sniffing and chase him away for each other, I'm up for it if you are.
See you next year
The End

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