Saturday, 2 January 2016

imaginifying glass we are , at the beginning of a new year. It stretches out before us like a field of untrodden snow. A page in a notebook, unsullied by ink. The sand on a beach after the tide has gone out, sweeping away all sandcastles and footsteps.  What will it bring?? who knows??
Today we ventured forth into our nearest major city. There is a car park where we like to park at the top of the hill and the walk down the hill into the town is charming. The houses are fabulous..or would have been a hundred years ago. Some are still private residences and some are businesses now but all have that tired elegance and weary beauty of late Victorian homes.  M caught me gazing at them as we walked down the hill.  'Imagining?'he asked. Indeed I was. In my mind, I was there, in the house, skirts rustling, candles on the tree shimmering, someone playing on the pianoforte, dark red wallpaper giving the illusion of warmth, cook making a delicious pie for luncheon. All this in a split second of imagining....When my big ones were little ones, we had a cassette tape(yes, that long ago) of jolly children's music and one of the songs was called 'imaginify'..use your imagination to 'imagine if I' and look at life through an imaginifying glass. I like that. In fact I do that!!! Quite a lot of the time it turns out!!  Where would I be without my imaginifying glass???  Which leads me to wondering if Jboy has such a thing. I doubt that he does. I think he lives in a world of Things which are Right and Things which are Not Right...the rightness and not rightness being determined by him. He keeps us on our toes by sometimes changing the rightness or not rightness of things!! 'Red cloths are my favourite' 'A red cloth, are you mad , mother? Blue is the colour for me' that sort of thing. But what do I know of the workings of the mind of my boy?? He may be even at this moment, in his mind, in a world of fruit pots and singing teddies and very loud penguins. Except he is eating a sandwich so I think his mind is thinking 'Put food in mouth. Swallow. Repeat' or words to that effect. I will probably never know!!!
Happy January
The End

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