Friday, 15 January 2016

jboy and the love/hate thing

So Jboy and monster machines...Jboy has a bit of love/hate relationship with machinery. He loves to watch it but is absolutely terrified by it ..that is the monster element. (element not elephant)(although he would probably be scared of elephants too)  The house at the end of our road is having some building work of some sort done which of course involves machinery. Jboy was desperate to go outside and watch the HUGE lorry with the crane as it deposited piles of bricks, tantalisingly over the fence. He was excited but scared in equal measure. In fact, he was so attracted and yet repelled that he broke one of his own rules.!!!  Instead of standing where we usually stand for our Pavement Vigil, he moved along the pavement to get a better (and as it happened more terrifying) view of the machinery. He couldn't quite bring himself to look at it full on and had to view it from behind a veil of my hair and the protection of my entire body. He wasn't cowering as such....he was just laughing in an excited way while trembling with fear..behind me. I evidently make a useful human shield. I have my uses. Thankfully, the lorry finished its delivery before the bus came otherwise I imagine we might have had a bit of a tussle!! He loves a bit of large machinery but only from the safety of behind a parent . I wonder what he makes of it all?
The End

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