Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Jboy and the head pushing of my lovely chums gave me a book for Christmas called "642 Things to Write about" which is full of amusing things about which to write (funnily enough). Amusing things such as 'explain to your boss why you spent £5000 during one business meeting', 'describe your most transcendent ice cream experience' and 'what your desk thinks about at night' but the one which M found most amusing is 'Boxers or Briefs? Discuss'. Now, his mind did not go immediately to items of male underapparel but rather to the idea of 'pugilists or proctors' and the rather cerebral idea that the pen(as represented by the proctor) is mightier than the sword (as represented by the pugilist). He suggested that I might like to muse over this interpretation. However, as I was being pummelled by my own personal pugilist at that point, my primary thought was ,"OW!"  Jboy has discovered that he likes  to push down heavily on the heads of his many singing animals as they serenade him with the result that the singing creature in question sings its deeply meaningful song , such as We wish you  a merry Christmas,in a distorted tone which he finds absolutely and completely hilarious. He has, however, extended this downward pushing of the head to me and my head. Does he expect a)me to sing in a distorted tone which will send him into paroxysms of laughter? or b)my head to disappear completely into my body  only to reappear suddenly moments later like some giant maternal jack-in-the-box, which would be scary but probably also hilarious? Either way, it is not a comfortable experience.
Yours, with an increasingly shortened neck,
The End

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