Sunday, 10 January 2016

Christmas is gone...

So...Christmas is over. The festive season has passed. How can I be sure??? well, there is only a small piece of soggy Christmas cake lurking in the cake box, a rather dried up end of posh cheese lies mouldering in the fridge, jars of specialist pickle with names like 'Carolsingers chutney' and 'Mulled wine and port pickle' sit forlornly next to the more prosaic and now smug tomato sauce and Jboy's toys are meeting a very grisly end, one by sorry one. As mentioned, he likes to push down on the heads of his musical toys, making them sing in slightly strangulated voices but has discovered that if he presses down even harder, their necks break!!!  I am hoping that he does not extend this discovery to me and my neck! (It's been nice knowing you..) So , two of his vocal fluffy friends have now met a very nasty end, their heads hanging loosely and rather grotesquesly over their little fluffy bodies, and yesterday, his lovely dog, the one which sings in a rather Far.Eastern accent, drowned in a bath, scented with 'soothing herbs' (designed to help Jboy sleep deeply.HA!!! she said rather bitterly). I am sure the 'soothing scents' helped it as it sank beneath the bubbles, to the sound of Jboy's gurgling laughter. The furry choir is therefore much depleted.
The End

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