Friday, 15 January 2016

Jboy and the lights

So....Jboy and the lights our kitchen we have a selection of lighting options from which we can choose to light up our kitcheny darkness....we have the wall lights, a rather atttractive central light, fairy lights left over from a few Christmasses ago but which remain , giving me the illusion that I have a kitchen like Nigella,and the newest feature, candles.  Normally, we have the wall lights and the fairy lights to infuse the darkness with light but yesterday evening, by some aberration, we had the central light on only. Attractive as this is, it is The Wrong Light. Our attention was drawn to this fact when Jboy, making his weary way bathwards (we have a downstairs bathroom as he can't do stairs), suddenly became immobile. Rendered incapable of any forward motion. He stood in the doorway of the kitchen, chuckling his anxious chuckle and covering his face with his arms. He was clearly saying, as only he can,"Woe is me. My ordered world has fallen into disorder. I cannot move". M was in the bathroom, running a delightful pine scented bath and I had my arms full of stuff. Clearly we parents were not going to help him return the order so he took it upon himself to do it. How could a chap proceed to the bathroom when The Wrong Lights were on? With the air of a fellow who was thinking,'If you want a job doing, do it yourself' he ventured into the kitchen, switched on the wall lights then moved to switch off the central light.  How clever he is!!! He avoided plunging us into darkness!!Then and only then could he advance, happily and comfortably, to his pine scented, evening immersion.
The End

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