Monday, 4 January 2016

a festival of Footwear

So...not only do I have a Forest of Coats and a Feature of Hats, but I also admit to having a Festival of Footwear. (Those of you who know me and have been to our house will be able to confirm this as you have tripped over the Festival  of Footwear,frolicking by the front door...although they are not all mine. Dancing Girl has to come clean and admit that some of them are hers too) I am not a fan of the high-heeled or high fashion variety of footwear but rather favour boots in the Winter and clogs in the Summer (although I do have a rather confusing pair of clogs which are fur-lined...aaargh...when should I wear those????). I am especially fond of Doc Martens and Doc-a-likes. I do love a nice boot. Especially coloured or patterned ones.I had a pair of flowery flip-flops once which were more fashion-friendly than feet-friendly and , foolishly, I failed to take alternative footwear on our holiday to France and ended up feeling very foolish indeed as I hobbled home after our fortnight. M is also a fan of footwear, although obviously in a manly way, and is always attracted to a nice brogue (we shop mainly in TKMAX or OKSCUM (as M still refers to it) for our footwear so it isn't as profligate as it sounds. Quite) Jboy, of course , is not a fan of new footwear for himself. Fancy!
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