Tuesday, 19 January 2016

subtitles and our use thereof.....

So... M and I were sitting in our Jboy-free Sunday evening, watching grown ups tv and we pondered to ourselves what made it so very different from our usual Sunday evenings. Obviously the lack of wrangling and wrestling made it a calmer environment, as did the gently guttering candle on the mantlepiece which would have been a source of great excitement had Jboy been here, also there was the lack of  need to be vigilant at all times with regards to the roaring fire when the necessity for instant reflexes are called for as we deflect various items being thrown by Jboy at the fire guards in the hope that something would go in and add to the flameage and of course there was the luxury of being able to drink a cup of tea without 'help'.  But no, it was all of these but there was more....we were watching a grownup programme WITHOUT the subtitles on. When Jboy is here, we either watch the TV to a background noise of 'Jingoh bows' or 'It's the most wonderful time of the year' or vrooooooom vroooooom vrooooooom, or we watch it with the volume turned down so low that subtitles are required. Why? you may well ask. When we watch grownups TV (I hesitate to say adult tv because that has altogether a different connotation) (and we don't watch that) M prefers shoot 'em up films or things with noisy battles and Jboy doesn't like such things and gets distressed by the noise so we watch it rather as if we might have watched  a silent movie. All we need is the piano giving us the atmospheric music..although, come to think of it, we might have to mute that  for Jboy too. He is a sensitive little soul. On the other hand, subtitles do give the illusion that we are watching some marvellously highbrow foreign film... and also obviate the necessity of one or other of us, with our ageing ears, saying'What did he/she say?' every other minute. So, in fact, Jboy has done us a great service. Marvellous fellow.
The End

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