Sunday, 31 January 2016

the weekend tale

So....thus far it has been a good weekend. Yesterday we discovered a new garden centre with the delights of fish, many an interesting garden tool and not just one but two cafes. Then we had news of a most exciting engagement was announced between BassmanBill and MelodyMaid. Whoop and double whoop!!! Then M took me and Jboy out for a sumptuous lunch of hot sandwiches. And today started at 4 am...yes 4am....and then continued with an on and off snooze until 8!!!!!! Jboy allowed us a sedate stroll into the grand metropolis that is our town (clearly, I jest..). We had a sit, a coffee and a chat..well M and I chatted. Jboy contributed less in the way of chat and more in the way of cloth throwing, hair rubbing and shoulder dribbling. So far, the only minor fly in the weekend ointment has been the fact that Jboy didn't want to come home (The attractions of our grand metropolis were obviously too great) but I employed the 'going home for a sandwich' song and dance routine which lured him back to the delights of our dwelling. And here we are. Now I think I had better go and trawl the internet,just in case I need to know about white dresses or hats....
The End

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