Sunday, 31 January 2016

Jboy and technology

So.Jboy and modern technology.....Jboy has many Otherabilities, one of which is to manage to make modern technology do things that others(well me) cannot. For example, if I nip out of the room for a moment, he can take the Doofer, press things and transform whatever he was watching into something altogether different, such as a split screen, or a completely blank blue screen or a programme in French. He does this with the flick of a finger..yet if I try to produce the same effect, I press all the buttons, systematically, one after the other ...nothing!!! He does this with nonchalance and panache (that famous duo) then throws the Doofer into some almost inaccessible place and stands, the picture of innocence(like those fb posts at Christmas when a dog stands next to a fallen Christmas tree and the caption reads,'I am glad you are home.The tree just fell over'). Similarly, the laptop...he sits next to me, very closely, on many an occasion, and with sleight of hand, somehow manages to make the screen do things no ordinary human being can do. Once, he managed to turn the script upside down and we thought we would be forever doomed to typing upside side (probably a much sought after skill...who knows) but thankfully after much huffing and puffing from technophobe M and much trial and error from me, we managed to revert the thing.....and so it goes on. Perhaps he is a genius after all. Always knew that, of course.
Genius is his middle name....(well, obviously it isn't, that would be presumptuous)(which isn't his middle name either)
The End

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