Wednesday, 20 January 2016

housewifery and self

So... I never planned to be a 'housewife'. It was never my greatest ambition to clean and wash and cook and all the other things that come with the job. It also never retirement plan for me! No, that was never my plan! But sometimes life takes a different turn from the one you expected/hoped/thought. My brain sometimes groans because it has so many thoughts and ideas jiggling around in it and I have nowhere to put them. Having a chap like Jboy means that I am unable to work so-called 'proper' hours because I have no outside care for him once he is home from the Most Marvellous Day Centre. Also, I am mostly exhausted so the thought of being efficient enough to do a 'proper' job makes me want to lie in a dark corner and suck my thumb(I used to suck my at a time, obvs...I maintained that one was raspberry and the other strawberry) (my mother used to tell me terrible tooth related tales in an attempt to stop didn't work . I just stopped one day. Maybe I had sucked all the flavour out). So although I never planned to be a 'housewife' (I didn't marry the house, you know.....was my stock reply)it appears that that is what I am.
Once, in a heated moment, after a particularly 'lively' discussion with M, I listed all the things I,as a 'housewife' do and how much it would cost for him to employ someone to do all those different things. I was quietly surprised at how much I would cost to employ, although a 'housewife', 'homemaker' 'domestic manager' is what I do, it most certainly isn't who I am. I KNOW the limitations that life brings but it doesn't have to define you. It has taken me a LOOOOONG time to realise that. So here I am, sharing my pearls of wisdom.  BE YOU wherever you find yourself.
The very End

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