Monday, 4 January 2016

money money money....

hmmmm (puzzled face)..I have had notification that we will have to pay a not inconsiderable sum (for us) towards Jboy's Most Marvellous Day Centre from December. It has hitherto been free. On asking why this will be, I have today received the reply that his benefit will increase by £40 per month..... MARV.  But the payment to the council for his services, most marvellous as they are, will be almost three times that per month. I am confused." Here, Jboy have this...but then we will take that and more from you!! Happy New Year".  I am left wondering how that works!!! Maths was never my strong point.In fact I am number blind basically but even I can see that the sums do not equate.
The End
I must just say that The Most Marvellous Day Centre is indeed MOST Marvellous and without it we would wither and die, but it is just a bit of a shock.

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