Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Jboy and his gutteral utterances

So...something interesting (well, it interested me) was voiced at the weekend.  We three, M, Jboy and I, went to visit M's aged aunt. Since M's mum died in the Summer we have seen a lot more of AA(aged aunt) which has been lovely. At the weekend, there we were, having a postprandial sit, when AA suddenly said,"Doesn't he (Jboy) have a voicebox?" What a surprising and interesting (there it is) question.  Why would she ask such a thing? Of course he has a voice box. He may not talk but he does make noises....quite a lot of the time. Indeed he makes many a guttural utterance. In fact there was a memorable occasion, just after Jboy's voice had broken ,when I was leaving the room and thought I heard M say,'Oi!!'in a manner to which I instantly took offence. I whirled round in a flurry of indignation at his tone of voice. "What?" I replied in my own tone which left him in no doubt as to my displeasure. A slightly surprised M said,"It wasn't me...." Then I spotted Jboy, looking  at me. He had spotted that I was leaving and was essentially asking me what did I think I was doing and where did I think I was going, thank you very much?? and had I asked his permission? NO!!! Oops. I needed to do a bit of apologising to M..but thankfully he is very forgiving and just found it amusing. So, Jboy IS vocal. He likes to try to copy sounds  and although he can't always replicate the things he hears, he does his best to try. So it was interesting that AA had never heard him vocalize. On reflection we realised that Jboy had largely been silent throughout the visit and actually often is in unfamiliar places. So, we learned something new about our boy...he is only vocal where he feels secure.
you learn something new every day
The End.

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