Tuesday, 12 January 2016

chain dvds.....

So..you know how some people like to be in control of the tv remote(Or doofer as it is known in our house)?? and how sometimes they spend happy hours flipping from one channel to another and just as you get interested in something , FLIP, over it goes???? Well, Jboy has his own version of that particluarly teethgrittingly irritating habit...as I may have mentioned once or thrice,his dvds and the player are in a (cupless) cupboard and are generally locked away but obviously when we need to choose a dvd from our fairly substantial collection, the cupboard door is open and the dvds revelaed in all their glory. Jboy goes to select one. I put it in the machine. We sit in our allocated spaces (I am allowed only to sit in one particular place) and settle down to watch whatever choice item he has selected.....after a few  minutes, he decides that this is NOT the dvd he wants and he MUST have a different one. Now. Or preferably 5 minutes ago. So we go through the whole process again...and then again..and again.....I know, I know..he is very clever. And it is 'Good Choosing' but it drives me completely bonkers.  Of course , i am smiling as i write this and it is with tongue in cheek (most uncomfortable) and he IS very clever and it IS good choosing...but I just needed to share my moment as I sit here,on my little island, swamped by a sea of dvds(including Ben and Holly!!!) which he has rejected and am being subjected to yet another Shaun the Sheep, not the Keep Fit one, or the Christmas one, or the Magic one, but the Alien one. Oh, here he goes again....apparently he needs a different dvd.....this one won't do after all
Not waving but drowning......;-)
The End

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