Sunday, 27 December 2015

never too old to learn,eh??

So..things I have learned over the past two days: it is not a good idea to leave Jboy alone with a candle..ever...(a houseful of people and we all assumed someone else was with Jboy and said candle...but no, I returned to find his cloth of choice turning slowly black over the flame of a rather gorgeous cinnamon-scented candle, scenting the air instead with the rather interesting smell of burning cinnamon)(makes a change from burning dinner!!), another thing I have discovered is that when you buy a musical biscuit tin which rotates ,it is probably wise to remove the biscuits first. Oh crumbs! , a third thing I have found is that it is very difficult to wind, press or generally activate more than three toys at any one given time as directed by Jboy whilst trying to dress him (just call me Octomum), fourthly, it is NOT a good idea to stay up late on the night before your tour of Jboy duty (fancy thinking I could!!! Such foolishness!) and finally (so far) sleeping with a Great Dane of a Jboy on your knee is nigh on impossible.  I imagine, if I were looking at myself with my boy on my lap, it might present a really cosy scene.But I wasn't looking at myself (that would be weird or involve  mirrors). I was beneath the large Vikingdog boy and was feeling numb and number.(no,not number as in 2 ,4 etc but more numb.) What an educational few days!!
Never too old to learn, eh??
The End

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