Wednesday, 30 December 2015

silent tears

So..yesterday I posted the best post ever...full of wit, empathy, joy, humour and maxims for was the best yet.......but sadly it lacked someone who knows what they are doing evidently as I managed to delete it before anyone had even seen it.. So you'll just have to take my word for it! ;-)..where's a computer forensics expert when you need one?????
Today ,the Different bus driver(who is the Wrong Bus Driver) arrived Too early. Jboy hadn't had his Vigil. DISASTER.When I eventually managed to get him outside (which took about 5 minutes), he fought like a tiger and a bear rolled into one. I was pummelled, pulled and generally picked on. My glasses were removed and also it felt like most of my hair was being plucked out by the handful. The very helpful escort was trying terribly hard to be terribly helpful but in fact Jboy was getting more and more distraught. In the end I asked the bus to do a circuit of the block and come back. As it drove away Jboy, not really being one to understand consequences of actions,cried silent tears (they are the worst) and his little face crumpled as he was completely confused. I tried very hard  to explain but it is really , really difficult to explain something when you don't know what a person understands. I think most of what Jboy hears is gibberish so I tried to make it easy to understand gibberish by singing the 'where's the bus?' song. The bus arrived (again) so I sang the 'here's the bus' song and after a little grumble, Jboy got on.  This whole process took about 25 minutes. On the plus side, the Driver (Wrong as he is) and the Escort now probably both think I am an all-in westler who sings whilst wrestling  instead of just being a slightly barmy mother. Maybe a new career awaits????
I needed a bit of a lie down in a darkened room after that. (Well, I say what did we do????? we went to John Lewis instead....not quite the same)
The End
Infact I have been decidedly weepy myself today. Weepy Wednesday, perhaps???

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