Saturday, 19 December 2015

the watches of the night

So...the tale of the luminous watch....Like many people, I own a watch. It is a rather plain timepiece but it has a hidden secret. Since I am a shortsighted old biddy, it is a fairly large watch with a very lovely clear and easily readable face, made even more easily readable by the light which is activated by pressing the buttony thing on the side.This is the hidden secret. Now, in the deep watches of the night, when all is dark and quiet and I am wrestling with Jboy and I n...eed to know how much longer this must go on before we can start the day, I activate the light. However, Jboy has now realised that the buttony thing on the side of the watch makes an attractive little light which glows into the darkness. Tis a secret no longer. This night has been punctuated by the boy scrabbling to find the button, me trying to stop him,him scrabbling etc etc etc I know...why didn't I just take the thing off?? Come on!! It was the middle of the night..I couldn't think logically like that(i find it pretty hard to think logically in the light of day but when I have a sleep deprived head, it is impossible). So here we are, watching Cbeebies. Again.
and  now the battery on my watch needs it time for breakfast yet?????
The End

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