Saturday, 26 December 2015

Only 364 days to go.....

So.....Jboy survived the Big Day itself yesterday and as a consequence so did we all. He opened his stocking with much gusto, some gifts being received with greater enthusiasm than others....the singing reindeer was a hit but the talking tombliboo less so. (But then the tombliboo is a GIRL!!!  FC got it wrong there. )Then with breath a-bated we broached the subject of getting in the car would Jboy take this change of routine? Would there be much throwing and flinging?Any rolling on the pavement?Hair pulling? Removal of my glasses?....Christmas may come but once a year but he knows the routine by now...and getting in the car is not part of that routine.  However, after much enthusing by the rest of us, Jboy climbed into the car and we were off. When we arrived at our destination, we found a very pleased Jboy, sitting in the back of the car, surrounded by reindeer wrapping paper. Thankfully he had only managed to open one of the gifts and at least it was one of his!! We had a cracking day.
And we did it all again today. He is now fully stocked with singing toys, noisy cars and things that flash. Oh joy!!!
Only 364 days to the next one!!!!
The End

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