Monday, 21 December 2015

ambiextremitous? #family #special needs

So..I have mentioned before that Jboy likes to rummage with my hair and with M's beard. He also carries a cloth of choice with him at almost all times. This can vary from a large bath towel to a small handkerchief. When he was little, he, like so many others with Otherabilities, disliked having messy hands or even using his hands much at all. He kept them clasped in front of him, or deeply entangled in my hair.This made exploring his world difficult. Like others of Otherability before him, he would explore with his feet or even his forehead but not his hands. At his nursery they tried very hard to encourage him to explore with his hands. They did this by plunging his hands into bowls of different substances such as cold baked beans, jelly, warm soapy water or playsand. Looking back, it must have been REALLY confusing for the poor chap as some things he was encouraged to put in his mouth and others most definitely not..which explains a bit why he always tries to eat sand at the beach. How is a chap supposed to know??? These days he has no such anxieties and will touch anything and everything but only when HE wants to!!. He still can't discern what is and what is not edible though! 'Jboy, put the coal back in the bucket' 'Jboy, daffodil DOWN' 'Good eating of that sandwich'(Jboy suitable food) ' Don't touch that sandwich'(cheese) Poor fellow! He's still pretty keen on exploring things with his feet but these days he wears gallumphing great shoes which makes it considerably harder. Sometimes in the depth of the night when it is dark, I feel his little bony toes , exploring to make sure I am still there. If the word for being able to use both hands equally is ambidextrous, what is the word for being able to use both hands and feet almost equally as well, I wonder? Ambiextremitous?
Ho ho ho
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