Saturday, 27 February 2016

A satisfactory Saturday we walked around our town, led by Jboy. He surprised us by going along a road which, when we have invited him to walk that way he has downright refused! So our route to a cafe was circuitous today which suited us!! The cafe of choice is situated in the old library which in turn was in an old corset factory. There are old sewing machines on one wall as a nod to its history. Jboy likes this cafe because it is above road level and if we can get a window seat, he likes to watch the people and any cars going by so it is more of a relaxing experience for us too. Post Cafe, after our statutory stand on the square and our statutory small Jboy-protest, we headed home for a delightful luncheon of mega-crumpets. This afternoon, while M was in the garden, cutting and trimming, Jboy ventured out to join him for all of....oooh ...a millisecond (it was a bit longer).But at least he went out instead of firmly shutting all the doors which is his usual practice. Later, we had the Balancing of the Credit Card Bill..a very stressful time for all of us. M was quizzing me as to several of the entries...until he came upon one which I did not recognise. 'Oh no,'he exclaimed,'FRAUD!' Being a hip and cool dudette (pauses for snorts of derision), I looked up the name of the offending entry on the computer. It was a jewellers. Surely this MUST be fraud!! I haven't bought any jewels. I said as much to M, my levels of anxiety rising....he paused, looked a little embarrassed and said,'No YOU haven't bought any...' The penny dropped. Enlightenment dawned. It is my birthday in about 11 days....maybe I will be getting some jewellery for my birthday!! I better had be!!!! Or words will be said! And this evening, I even managed to create a passable dinner out of fridge remnants. All in all, not a bad day. Jboy is happy - he had a walk, a cafe visit and a reasonable dinner, M is happy- he has been in the garden and knows what all the entries on the credit card bill are(even if he isn't happy about the bill per se) and I am happy.- I might be getting a birthday present this year!!
Most Marvellous
The End