Friday, 26 February 2016

The incident of the kitchen candle

So.. we have just had a scary moment...Jboy is evidently feeling adventurous. M was in the kitchen and I was in the living room. I heard M shout . On running into the kitchen I found M with his fingers in Jboy's mouth...Jboy had grabbed at the table candle (unlit) and stuffed it into his mouth...he was basically choking on wax. Just goes to show that he really does have major difficulties knowing what is what. He is ok...we are all a little shaken though...
Thankfully not the end is Friday once again. Thankfully Jboy's foray into candlemunching has left him none the worse for wear but has left his parents still feeling a bit shaken and hypervigilant. So I think I need a therapeutic visit to both a coffee shop AND a bookshop...don't you????
Merry Weekend
The End
So (Friday,part the second) started like many 3.30. I was Parent on Duty, the Chosen parent,the cuddle-bucket du jour.. Jboy and I wrestled and wrangled, he pummelled and pushed until it was morningy enough to start the day proper. It was all ordinary enough with the feast to break the fast, the bath to wash the night away, Ben and Holly duly watched and chuckled at then the normal Pavement Vigil, all achieved in plenty of time to await the arrival of the Right Bus. In due course, the Right Bus came and that was when the ordinary morning turned a bit nasty. Jboy decided that getting on the bus without a fight was not an option for this morning and so ensued a bit of a tussle, with me expertly(middle name Modesty) (not) dodging his flailing fists and deadly cloth flapping(a charming turquoise number today). Oh, how I sang and danced, how I cajoled and encouraged as Jboy flapped and flailed until eventually, to escape the caterwauling mother, Jboy decided that now was the time to get on the Right Bus, but not before he had delivered me a swift left hook (not such the expert at dodging now,eh?). Feeling somewhat dazed, I waved as cheerily as a cheery thing as Jboy, by now smiling, went on his merry way and my day could take on its own purpose. Of course I needed that therapeutic coffee which I partook with my lovely chum and although I looked at books, I didn't buy one.No ,not a one!
Maybe Jboy was thrown more than we thought by the incident of the candle in the kitchen...and the reluctance to board the bus, even Right as it was, was his reaction. We will never know. I DO know , though, that the candle incident has made ME more keenly aware of the diaphanous nature of life. I noticed Jboy's little laughter lines around his eyes today, for the first time and I noticed his menacing mafia hair has the odd silver thread shining in it now. Time marches relentlessley on and ,thanks to the swift reactions of M, so does Jboy.
The End