Wednesday, 3 February 2016

wedding conundrum #2

So....Melodymaid and the most marvellous Bassmanbill are enagaged to be married .  We are so excited and thrilled and a whole host of other positive feelings. I am, of course, struggling, with the maternal need and desire to be up to my elbows in helping with wedding things..thus far , all I have done is be irritating (sorry, lovely daughter....but mothers will be mothers).  The conundrum with which we are or will be faced, is how to get Jboy to the wedding without causing anyone undue anxiety or distress.....and without spoiling my bound-to-be-beautiful outfit. (talking of which, is it acceptable for the mother of the bride to wear Doc Martens????). I have decided that I might  ask someone at his Most Marvellous Day Centre if they can help and be there with us..just as a third party so to speak, to enable full familial participation.  It will be fine. It will all work. I feel it in me bones!!! I AM A LITTLE BIT EXCITED!!!!! (Can you tell??)

The End

PS it is #2 because I wrote one yesterday but didn't like it....hence take two