Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wednesday witterings

So....thus far , today has been Wrestling Wednesday. It started at 2.30 with the call from Jboy and as I was Parent on Duty, down I went, past the automatic movement sensor lights on the stairs, sweeping past the pile of defunct electronic singing toys waiting on the landing in their Limbo as they wait to go to that great Toy Yard in the sky (ie the TIP), opening the enormous stair gate and into the Room of Doom. There, Jboy gathered me in, like a proud and excited fisherman reeling in his haul. So I employed the cocoon (a duvet which M and I have found invaluable as protection against not just the cold of the night but also the pointy, bony feet of the Boy) and settled in for a wrestle....and wrestle we did. But at last, Jboy fell into a dream-filled sleep. How do I know it was dream-filled??. Well, you know how dogs run in their sleep and are clearly chasing or being chased??? Well, Jboy did the Jboy equivalent. He didn't bark but other than that it was a very similar scenario. Then he woke briefly and decided that I needed to use his head as my pillow. Yanking me by the hair, he pulled my head onto his...marginally better than his head on mine as he has a very heavy head. like a cannon ball...where I was made to lie until I could bear it no longer. I managed to release myself from his iron-like grip and rolled ,complete with cocoon ,to the floor. It was still dark but ,on squinting at my magical light up watch, I found the time to be 5 something...morningy enough. Thus began the day proper. I unblocked the kitchen sink, as you do at 5.30am, with my Cling-on companion clinging on tightly, in case I got away. We broke our fast on a fine feast of gluten free fare, washed the bathroom floor(aka Jboy had his bath), then emerged into the day, to wrestle some more.
Have a Wrestletastic Wednesday!
The End
Today I went to buy bananas.........moral of the tale, don't go shopping when you have been awake since silly o'clock!! On the other hand, chocolate is a very pleasant diversion......