Friday, 5 February 2016

Sleep and migraine

So...I have spent about 36hours asleep...lucky me, you might think but unfortunately this sleep was caused by the Mother of all Migraines and sleep was the only way to manage it. Thankfully, M was able to come home from work early to help me and the Exceedingly Excellent Driver of the Right Bus has been amazing....leaving Jboy until last on the drop-off so that I had an extra half an hour at the end of the day. This episode has made us even more aware of the fragility of the support system around us. We have lovely ,lovely friends but of course they have families of their own to deal with..or they are at work. So it has been a challenging few days , mostly for M who has had to deal with Jboy on his own while I have slept and moaned and groaned.  I do not write this to make any friends who might read it feel guilty but I am just being has been blooming horrid. We are just one of many families for whom support is fragile, what do other families do? How do others cope? Time to think of a strategy....thoughts on a postcard please!!!
The End