Sunday, 7 February 2016

Ninja steps

So...our house is an Edwardian lovely which we have extended upwards and outwards over the years to accommodate us all, including downstairs facilities for Jboy. M and I have the room in the roof... I hesitated to say that we 'sleep in the room in the roof' because there, quite frankly ,isn't a lot of sleep to be had, except one at a time!! However, the bathroom is on the floor below so if we need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night,we have had to adopt a slealthy ninja approach to descending the stairs. The slightest creak and the Boy is instantly awake. We have learned which stairs creak the most and which floorboards are the noisiest so we creep with utmost care. I don't know M's technique but I employ the slow tiptoe on either side edge of the stairs approach...imagining myself to be weightless...or at least less weighty than I am. Bathroom achieved!!! Then there is the question of what to do when the deed is flush or not to flush??? When THAT decision has been made, the whole thing has to be done in reverse. It is usually easier in reverse as there is less urgency. But,it is an activity not to be undertaken lightly and there has been many a night when one or other of us tosses and turns uncomfortably until there is no option but to adopt our own personal stealth ninja persona...
and then apologise if it's the other one's turn and the ninja approach has been unsuccessful, resulting in Jboy waking even earlier than he might have done had the Ninja been truly ninjaesque.
Living on the edge, that's us!!
The End