Tuesday, 9 February 2016

helping dogs.......

So....you have heard of dogs that help people with limited or no vision...and dogs that help people with hearing difficulties...? Well, M told me recently of a dog that helps with Otherabilities. He has heard of a child who was one that did not like to stay in bed (hmmm.sounds famiiar)..and one who liked to run off when outside (also sounds familiar)..so the family have a dog which has been specially trained to look after the child. (Reminded me of Nana in Peter Pan)At night, it lies across the doorway of the child's bedroom and if the child begins to stir and make those dreaded getting up sounds, it lies firmly and heavily on the boy's legs. When outside, it is attached to the child by a special belt thing, and if the child bolts, the dog sits still so the child has to stop and cannot run into danger. It is an interesting concept. We would need a Great Dane or a St Bernard if we were to have such an animal...but sadly most members of our family are allergic to dogs so it could never be...so it is back to being Parents on Duty. Thankfully, we don't have to lie across the doorway of his room (although we have done that on occasion!!!)(a story for another day)and ,not being dogs, we don't drool. Well, not quite so prolifically anyway.
woof woof
The End

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