Monday, 22 February 2016

Twilight TV

So... we are currently in that twilight zone of post-Most Marvellous Day Centre and pre-dinner/bath/bed routine. It is Jboy's habit to watch some mindless children's dvd and often have a small snooze. Today's choice is WallE which is normally reserved for 3am in the morning. It feels most unnatural to watch it in the daylight!!!  M says that WallE is a happy robot because he has a sense of purpose and achievement. The cockroach meets his attachment needs and his basic needs of shelter and warmth are met. These things contribute to his resilience and well being for the higher purpose yet to come ...can you tell M is a psychologist????  Jboy has now fallen asleep, leaving M and I to discuss the deep and meaningful film playing out in front of us....We live such a profound life. Just call us The Deep and Meaningfuls...actually . don't do that. it would be weird.

The End