Saturday, 13 February 2016

snuffly thoughts I was Parent on Duty and my day didn't start until 3.30 which felt almost luxurious!! Jboy and I now both have the cold which caused much snoring from M earlier in the week so we snuffled our way together through to morningtime proper. Later,as we stood on our cold Pavement Vigil this morning,we, well I, sang many a pavement song to pass the time, much to the amusement of our neighbour beside whose fence we have to stand . Just before we stepped out into the weather, we had been entertained by a jolly children's programme called Dinopaws . I think it might be Jboy's new favourite...I also enjoy it as the main dinosaury character uses words such as 'lovelymost' and 'wondermost' which I may adopt for future usage. Not sure what the appeal is for Jboy but it certainly tickles my linguist's fancy...which isn't a sentence I use every day!! Now, if you will excuse me, I am in mano a mano (or rather womano a printero) combat with far, it is winning.
The End

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