Tuesday, 16 February 2016

where oh where has our respite gone......?

So...in the normal scheme of things this would be a respite weekend coming up but it is not a normal scheme of things currently and we have to wait until MAY to have our next respite session. May feels like a very ,very long way away. When it is M's turn to be Parent on Duty, I go to bed hoping that the night will be somehow twice as long for me so I get lots of sleep yet shortened for him so he doesn't have to be up for hours and hours then go to work. Then, on my nights of duty, I go to bed longing for it to be tomorrow night. It isn't that Jboy is particularly difficult (well, he is sometimes) but it is the grinding and relentless nature of having to be awake when my body is screaming to be asleep that is so  wearing.  I really don't know how M manages to go to work at all. On the days after my night on Duty, my dizzy head (started as Labyrinthitis (see www.labyrinthitis.org.uk) ) is so much worse and my tinnitus almost deafeningly loud...like a load of banshees in my head! But...we keep on keeping on.  I have learned to be kinder to myself on these days and  to expect not to be able to do all the things I might like to do.
Apparently Van Gogh had a similar eary condition to me...but his reaction of cutting off his ear was a bit extreme really and I don't think I could rock the earless look.
So, bravo M..what a splendid fellow you are.
Roll on May.
The slightly dizzy End