Monday, 15 February 2016

Mother of the Bride .......

So...I am going to be the Mother of the Bride at some point, as yet undecided. I have been having a bit of a personal mini crisis about that....what do I wear?? I know many Mothers of the Bride have the same question...but not quite so many have to factor in the dribble factor of a 27year old toddler or the durability of the sleeves/neckline etc against same 27 year old. The dress cannot be silk (HA! Like it would be) or anything delicate...also, many of the dresses I have found on line have been slim fitting and..well, not me at all!!!!! I need to be able to move quickly and efficiently to stop/catch/prevent Jboy with the speed of a Ninja. I need not to be conscious all the time of my own what on earth do I wear???  I am not doing a hat. Although I LOVE hats, the hats I love are not the sort of hats one wears at a wedding. Anyway, Jboy would flip it off before you can say 'here comes the bride'. And shoes??? I don't really do shoes that, yes. Clogs, yes but shoes????  I mortified my mother on my own wedding day by refusing to wear tights or stockings (it was Summer, for goodness sake) and having flat sandals...she thought I should make more of an effort..I thought it was my wedding.  So , I shall continue the search for the ideal outfit, refusing to conform to the stereotypical MotB things (shudder) but making sure that MelodyMaid isn't cringing when she looks at the photos afterwards.....after all it is THEIR day.
The End