Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tuesday musing

So..we had a shortened Pavement Vigil today as the (Right) bus came early but thankfully honour was satisfied and Jboy got on the bus without looking back. As a consequence of this early arrival, I made my way into town earlier than ususal and found myself washed along by a tide of small children ,clutching book bags, followed by grownups laden with rucksacks, PE bags, musical instruments and other paraphernalia of primary school importance. I was swept along by this sea of blue uniforms until we reached a road crossing. Thankfully, I remembered just in time that if you are a grown up, you are a role model for children whether you like it and realise it or not. I was a good citizen and waited for the nebulous green man. (How many times have you spotted small children looking around rather anxiously for the strange man dressed in green as their parents trill' There's the.Green man'?) We have to be constantly on our guard with Jboy when it comes to role modelling as he seems to pick up bad habits very quickly. Take for example the time when M squirted water from Jboy's Sports bottle onto the table to wipe away the slurry....Jboy has taken this as permission to squirt water will nilly, at everyone and everything!!! Indeed M was a victim of his own actions when, one evening ,he came from work, put on his slippers and discovered them to be full of water, with an empty sports bottle lying next to them....squelchtastic! We have to be VERY careful what we model to him!!!
The End
PS.Whilst musing for a moment earlier today I remembered a book I read a long, long time ago when the world was young. It was called 'Kleider machen Leute'..a little German number meaning basically, clothes make the man. It was the tale of a poverty stricken fellow who acquired a sumptuous cloak and on entering the next town, was taken for a rich Polish nobleman...so he acted like one!! He fell in love etc etc.. he was revealed for who he was eventually but love won...it was a nifty little tale. The point ,of course, was about outward appearances and how people often judge and are judged by the way they look..and also how we sort of become what other expect us to be. An interesting thought. How's that for a Tuesday ???