Monday, 1 February 2016

difficult to ig-gnaw...... way that Jboy shows his love and affection is by sitting VERY close to us. With me, he likes to entangle his hand in my hair and 'massage' my a therapeutic head massage without the therapeutic qualities!! With M, he likes to sit really, really close. M has quite prominent collar bone bones and Jboy likes to place his misaligned multiple teeth on either side of said collar bone and ..well.... gnaw! This is quite a new development, one which M finds difficult to ig-gnaw! (sorry), and one which he hopes will pass quite quickly!
Makes the head massage seem much more appealing now!
The End.
PS sadly, today, in the early morning bathtime ,another singing Christmas toy bit the dust. (well, clearly it wasn't real dust...). No,it met its watery end and has gone to the place where all defunct electronic toys go......the shed, on its way to the tip. Farewell, singing Reindeer.You served us well.