Saturday, 30 April 2016

Blogarhythms of life we are on a sunny morning with a three day weekend stretching out ahead..poor unsuspecting Jboy, condemned to three whole days of parental input!!!

So, what has been happening here? Well, yesterday the Iron Lady came. No. Not THAT one. That would just be weird. The nice one. The one who decimated my ironing pile into neat and sharply pressed shirts. Such a gem. Never has this house seen such well ironed clothes...well, not since a lovely chum took my ironing over when Jboy was a poorly baby and ironed for England on a weekly basis for many a month. Lovely chum.... You know who you are!!!! Can never thank you enough for the very much needed support at that time. Hugs.

What else? Well, the chunky deer , Mr and Mrs Chunky Deer to be precise,appeared yesterday evening for a nice evening snack of lilac, a morsel of rose, a chomp of tulips and finishing off with an amuse-bouche of bluebells. The garden is definitely resembling a deer park with bushes and trees nibbled to a certain height and tulips and now bluebells eaten down to mushy stumps. I am trying to be generous and deerly selfless but my smile is getting a little fixed now and is becoming more of a grimace as my garden disappears into the jaws of two clearly well fed deer.

In the bathroom where Jboy has his bath, we have a small mirror. One side is a normal mirror but the other is a scary giant mirror. Well, the mirror itself is an ordinary size but the image you see is HUGE. Normally, the mirror is set to the ordinary side but, for some reason this morning, it was on its giant setting. I did not know and unsuspectingly peered myopically into it only to find a giant eye staring back. Not only that but the eye was set in a face ,ploughed with lines. EEWW....what has happened to my face overnight???? Surely I still have the skin of a 26year old?? (The skin of someone LIKE a 26 year old not the actual skin of a 26 year old...that would be disgusting)No. It was definitely mine.  Clearly, the combination of my myopic eyes and the unmagnified nature of the normal mirror have led me in to a false sense of security.  Right.....where's the Polyfilla?????

Well, it is time to coax (that's a weird word.....) Jboy into doing something that we can all endure, I mean enjoy!!! HEE HEE.


The End

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