Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wednesday wonderings has come to my attention that yesterday I mentioned will nilly a 'card' which had not been loaded with golden pennies but failed to explain the very existence of this card! It is like a debit card issued to me by the MMSWW. I assumed, wrongly as it turned out, that it was wasn't. So the reason I couldn't book into the Leisure Centre was not entirely my incompetence but the lack of funds credited to the card. I should know by now that anything to do with the Soc Servs usually takes a LOOOONG time to get going....

.It was my turn to be Parent on Duty last night so I had the joy of experiencing the New Bed. Josh awoke at 2.30 and was pleased to introduce me to the comforts of his bed. It was very comfy....not quite comfy enough to keep him in it though. On the plus side, we found the WallE dvd which we thought had gone missing forever!! These early mornings are SOOO useful

The End