Saturday, 9 April 2016

Carpe Diem

So..inspired by someone I don't know in real life, just in virtual life, I am celebrating the fact that another week has successfully come to an end. I have managed to feed my crew and not poison them, not once, I have managed to make sure there was enough toilet roll, I have kept their clothes clean, I have managed to get up every day, I have managed to go for a short walk every day, I haven't bought any books, I haven't gone completely loopy, I have finished reading a jolly good book, I have thought about writing a book (then I fell about laughing), so I have laughed, I have sent cards to various peeps, I have done some instant gardening, I have done a lot of thinking...if you break a week down like that, into manageable bits, it feels like I have done a lot. People say to me 'what do you DO all day?' and I am frequently flummoxed. I haven't saved the world..but I have done some recycling so I have done my bit towards saving the world. I haven't saved anyone's life..but I have encouraged where needed (and been encouraged too!!)So, the someone who is my virtual friend has reminded me that it's the little things, the little successes, the little victories that serve to keep the machinery of every day living going. Keep me going too. I DID have a day this week when I wanted to crawl back under the duvet and wake up next week....but I didn't. I got up. That feels like a victory to me. A little victory. But a victory none the less!

 The buzz word of the moment....'mindfulness' , being in the moment, the Power of Now (that's a book by Eckhart Tolle)all boil down to 'this is the day...rejoice and be glad in it'.
I'm trying...and sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't. I know, I know, I have banged on about this apologies.

 Seize the Day and all that!!!!!
The End