Monday, 4 April 2016

busy busy busy

So..I have been blogless for a few days...not for any reason other than I have been being a busy me.
I drove through the English countryside, survived a diversion around Birmingham, arrived in a most beauteous part of the world ,watched my girl dancing (went a bit teary), drove home again. The next day, M and I were taken for a merry walk by Jboy into our town. He wasn't happy about coming home so I had to deploy the sandwich song and dance routine..which worked a treat.  THEN I took my girl back to her place of dwelling and bought her a whole shop of groceries to keep her fuelled for her dancing. On Sunday we visited our first born and her marvellous offspring and had a splendid day. Jboy was most reluctant to leave and put up one of his best passive/aggressive fights yet...we were heard to mutter..'one day we will be too old for this' we drove into the sunset. So, kept buoyant by the promise of help at some point in the not too distant future(we hope), we have remained jolly and positively positive, despite sleepless nights and rather explosive incidents of the nappy kind (say no more). And today I am having delivery of a new cooker so I can cook Jboy's potatoes efficiently! He will be pleased!
So blogless but not forgotten
The End

Later(taken from FB) my new cooker was delivered. Yes, I am in possession of a spankingly clean cooker upon and within which I can create the most marvellous of culinary delights. (HA!!)(waits for the roars of laughter to die down). Sadly, the sensational red cooker upon which my little heart has been set for many a long year was beyond our financial reach so I have a shiny aluminium beast, looking only a little out of place in my piney kitchen.Jboy will no doubt comment in his own particular way at the shiny aluminummy newness of the beast but as long it cooks his potato, I doubt he will complain. Talking of potatoes, my head has felt a little like a potato these past few days, solid and full of carbohydrate. This may ,of course , explain the following.......M had a parcel delivered at the weekend which contained a pair of very exciting telescopic garden shears(you can tell that our lives are a height of excitement by the things which thrill us...). Within the box, was a pair of summery clogs which funnily enough fit my feet exactly....almost as if I had ordered them at the same time. ;-) (I did, whispers)(well, they were a would have been a shame not to..) Maybe I shall go to the Ball....once the potatoes are done to a turn , of course
The End