Tuesday, 26 April 2016

gymtastic 2

So..today I went to the gym to be induced..that doesn't sound right..inducted...is that right?? Well, whatever happened, I was shown around the machinery in the gym bit and instructed as to how to use the things. Then I was let loose on the machines ALL BY MYSELF!! It wasn't as terrifying as I had expected..mainly because my lovely chum came with me this first time. She went off and did her own thing while I plodded up a small incline on the treadmill thing, cross-trained on the cross-trainer (I am hoping it will be in a better mood next time...hahaha), rode a static bike up a small hill and row, row, rowed a boat very gently down an imaginary stream.  I used up the calories equivalent to that of a banana which I quickly replenished on my return home. All in all, not as bad as I had thought it would be and certainly not bad enough to merit the 'exam' tummy I had earlier today when thinking of the whole event! In fact, I find myself looking forward to the next visit...weird!!!!! Now ,it is hailing outside and my washing is hanging forlornly and coldly on the line where moments before it had been blowing happily in the cool April sunshine..do I rush out and bring it in or leave it for a while? I can see a small patch of blue (enough to mend a sailor's pair of trousers as my mother used to say) which might herald a dry spell soon.....old wives tales, eh??

Jboy was on form today, amusing and amused, doing his own version of Tai Chi as he got into the bath and singing along-a musical toys (with his own drone like vocalisation..which is lovely as he doesn't vocalise much at all). Here's hoping he has a splendid day at the Most Marvellous Day Centre with all the marvellous peeps and , of course, the Right Bus!!

The End

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