Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Jboy and the difficult day or the communication situation

So....yesterday the MMDC had a taste of difficult Jboy. I'm sure they see this side of him from time to time but yesterday he was very, very stubborn...or so it was reported to me.  He returned home yesterday with extremely muddy clothes and a filthy coat. There was nothing written in the communication book so I assumed, wrongly as it turned out, that he had had a nice walk around some muddy fields and maybe had slipped over. I had warned them that Jboy was in a playful mood yesterday...the sort of morning when he emptied the bathwater as soon as he had got in, once out of the bath, he threw things across the room and while I was restoring order, poured water from his sports bottle everywhere...that sort of morning . Today, when the Right Bus arrived with the Right Bus driver , the driver looked at me and said....'He was a right (BLANK)yesterday!' I must have looked puzzled. 'What did they say in his book?'he asked. 'Nothing,'I replied. Then the driver went on to explain that the MMDC had taken Jboy and a small party of peeps out to a local aerodrome, normally one of Jboy's most favourite places to be. On arrival, it had taken them half an hour to persuade Jboy to get out of the bus. On reflection, this was maybe an indication as  to his willingness to participate in the day's activity.  Once out of the bus, Jboy flung himself to the ground and rolled around in the mud refusing to go anywhere or do anything until they acquiesced and allowed him back on the bus, whereupon he resumed a sunny demeanour. I have been that adult, trying to get him to do something he clearly does NOT want to do. From this side of the situation, I can chuckle to myself and say, sympathetically,'Ahhh he was just showing his choices....' and 'His choices must be respected'. It is an entirely different kettle of proverbial fish when one is in the situation with Jboy, trying to get him to do something he clearly does not want to do.  Some times one can acquiesce to the Boy but sometimes he just has to do whatever it is we are trying to get him to get in the car to go home etc. It is SO hard. I know he is making his choices BUT he really doesn't understand the full impact of those choices. Nor does he understand that sometimes a chap just has to do what is asked of him. It is at times like this , that his lack of understanding and inability to process information/communication reach a crescendo. It is at times like this that, as a parent, one's inner reserves of patience are sharply tested and depleted. I have great admiration for the MMDC who appear to keep their cool at all times. When M and I have moments like this, whichever one of us has been dealing with Jboy usually needs a moment to gather themself together. We are the embodiment of those little figures that come in and go out ,you know, the ones said to be able to predict the weather. When one of us copes, the other doesn't. I wonder what sort of day he has had today???????
It was soon all be revealed as he is due home at any moment........
The End