Wednesday, 13 April 2016

carer fatigue.... turns out that although our life is repetitive and predictable..hard time with Jboy, good time with Jboy...I am writing this blog for myself and if others find it boring then so be it.

This morning started for me at 1.37 (precisely) with my wake-up call from Jboy. His call involves him banging on his wooden bed headboard until a parent arrives and today that parent was me. I managed to persuade him that snuggling back down and having a sleep WAS a good idea which he thankfully did, with me in my duvet cocoon beside him. We rested thusly until it was morning enough to start the day proper.  From that moment on, he was Wild Thing. Things that weren't nailed down were thrown. His sports cup of water was sprayed liberally all over the floor. His breakfast cereal managed to reach places other breakfast cereals have not. He got in the bath but decided that it should be empty of water. He got out of the bath and decided that using his feet was the way to go..using his feet to knock things over, or touch my face (he was lying on the floor at this point for his dressing routine) or flip the toilet seat lid up and down....once out of the bathroom and dressed, he wanted his usual morning routine of Ben and Holly etc, but then decided that he didn't. He found M who was working at home and decided that 'helping' M was the thing to do. He did this by leaning on M's head and covering M's face with his (now thankfully clean) hands. He flipped the telephone off its neat little table about 8 times went like this...flips the phone, mother intervenes, Jboy runs away, phone restored mother follows, Jboy throws random toys around the place (inc into the coal bucket), mother retrieves toys from coal bucket while Jboy runs back to the phone and flips the phone...... At long last it was time to stand outside. We did. The Wrong Bus came. It was a white bus but it was the Wrong white bus. the Right white bus has gone back to the bus menders to be mended again. Jboy was not impressed. He did his fence shuffle and slide followed by the pavement roll. Still aching from his shenanigans of the other day, my shoulders wept in protest..or they would have done, had they eyes from which to weep. I was stuck. I needed M to come and help but couldn't leave Jboy to roll around unfettered on the pavement. The bus staff are not supposed to intervene so I was stuck between a rock and a hard we call him.. So I did what any modern person would do and got out my mobile(whilst still managing the Wild Boy) and dialled M's number. However, Jboy, noticing that my full attention was not on him, started to be even wilder. Phone abandoned, I continued to try to persuade him  to get on the bus. Then, in his virtual shining armour, my Knight arrived and helped to heave and actively 'persuade' Jboy that getting on the bus was the only proper thing to do. Reluctantly and not without further ado, Jboy was established on the bus, wrong as it was. Off he went.
Apparently, I have heard it tell, that there is such a thing as 'carer fatigue'...who would have thought it?????
The End