Monday, 25 April 2016


So..courtesy of the MMSWW I have successfully managed to join the gym....what????Who am I??? What have I done???? whose idea was this anyway????  Mind you, joining the gym and then actually going to the gym are two different things.  I am sure I am suffering the same feelings as many people .... am I?? Tell me I am. I once was fit and strong but now I am older and weary...but I want to be older and stronger so that I can continue to wrestle with the Boy for as long as I need to, I can continue to care for him and hoick him about as he needs to be hoicked (is that a real word???)(Pause while I look it up...) (YES it IS a real word) See definition below:

Did You Know?

Etymologists suspect that "hoick" is an alteration of the verb "hike," which is itself akin to "hitch." "Hike" entered the language during the first decade of the 19th century, whereas "hoick" appeared near that century's close. The word hoick can be used for any type of abrupt pulling movement but is commonly used for the sudden pulling back on the joystick of an airplane; a rough, jerky movement when rowing; and a jerky, elevated shot in cricket. In fox hunting, the word hoicks is used to call attention to a hound that has picked up the scent and to bring the pack together.

oooh this blogging lark is SO educational!!!

I DO like words. Being a bit of linguist, I used to drive my children a bit mad by saying things like....'Oooh now that's interesting, this word means  xxxxxxx which is from the French/German xxxxxx, meaning xxxxxx. It has the same root'. Give us examples !!! I hear you cry.  Well, the word WINDOW is from the Norse word  'vindauga' meaning wind eye.....interesting!!!  (neither French nor German but interesting)Of course my mind has gone completely blank for other examples....(searches the deep recesses of the brain)...(nope...nothing there)

Anyway I need to be strong to be able to cope with my Boy who is not getting any smaller so tomorrow I shall venture forth to the Leisure Centre and put on my bravest hat and see what happens. This might be where I say, 'I am going out, I may be sometime'....WHAT HAVE I DONE?????

The End