Monday, 18 April 2016

when will I be wise???

So... there is as moment when you realise that there is less life left than before. My hands show the marks that I remember on my mother's face still takes me by surprise when I see it in a shop window or passing a mirror when I am not adequately  prepared and when rubbing the creams into my face which are supposed to stave off the ageing process, I find lines and grooves and indeed mighty chasms which surely weren't there yesterday!!  I know it happens to us all but why don't I feel any different inside?? When will I feel grown up? When will I be wise??  When I was in my 30's (just yesterday, surely)women of the age that I am now, seemed so sure and wise and knew what was what and which way was up.  The light is slowly dawning on me that maybe they were bluffing.....maybe they didn't have immaculate homes, perfect hair and ate delicious nutritious meals, prepared with a smile and not one drop of effort..maybe they were just like me....shocked at the way life has suddenly delivered them the blow of wrinkly hands and saggy knees. Actually, do you know what, today being an up day, I shall declare that I don't care about the wrinkles and the grooves in my face..I shall celebrate the silvery hair , the less than taut skin, the wobbly bits (sorry chaps).  I spent a long time waiting for the 'thing that I should be doing', the 'thing that I was made for' until I realised, some while ago, that the 'thing' is actually what I was doing...and that IS OK!!
So, today being an up day as I said, I shall skip off into the drizzle, taking my wrinkles and chasms with me to enjoy this day. To make the most of all that I can do and be, even if I am not wise or grown up.
So,may your day be full of the people and things you love and may we all celebrate who we are.

The End