Saturday, 23 April 2016

just another sunny Saturday.....

So...the on-going saga of the Boy and the Garden Centre visit....this morning, having been awake with M for far too many hours to count, Jboy eventually consented to get into Velma (the car). Once in, we then had to decide where to go...the question wasn't really whether to go to a garden centre or not but rather 'which garden centre shall we go to?'. We decided on the far distant one with the library in the off we went. The sun was shining, Jboy was happy and we sang along to the cd...what a happy bunch. On arrival at the GC, along with 7million other people, M and I tried to meander around the flowery bit but Jboy evidently remembered the cafe with the books because he was a determined fellow and marched past the rows of roses, perfect pansies and verdant violas straight to the cafe where he took up residence on a sofa by the window where he could watch not only the children in the playground outside but the road beyond where many cars and the occasional tractor passed by. Tea imbibed, scone demolished, Jboy's own special gluten free/dairy free cake chomped and we were off to explore the flowers..or in Jboy's case, the aquarium where he gazed with wonder and interest at the Koi and other related piscine creatures. Was he waiting for a live re-enactment of Nemo, one wonders???? Once we had managed to encourage him away from the watery depths of the aquatic department, we found many an interesting plantette but being the sensible folk that we are, we resisted (most of) them. Then,almost as if Jboy had realised that nothing else was of interest to him, he rushed us through the checkouts and into awaiting Velma. On our way home, the sun was still shining, we saw a train cross at the level crossing(it was a Red Virgin train so Jboy was beyond excited) and, because it was still so warm and sunny,we decided to stop off at a pleasant nature area and go for a walk.....we arrived, we parked, Velma settled down for a nap but Jboy had decided that enough jollity for one day was indeed enough. He became the refusnik that we know and love. He got out of the car. But that was as far outside as he was prepared to go. No cajolling, no cake bribery, no encouraging could persuade him to do anything other than get back into Velma - so this we did and home we came.And here we are. Jboy has fallen asleep, M is in the garden and I am here, having a chat with you. Hope you have had a fab day.
I wonder what delights await us tomorrow!!
The End
PS sorry this is identical to a fb apols if you do FB as well!!!!