Friday, 8 April 2016

Scenes of a bucolic nature

So.. I was driving through the beautiful English countryside today. The sun was shining and the rolling hills and fields stretched out in a bucolic scene. It was a splendid day. One of Spring's finest. It is interesting how a day like today can cause one's mood to lighten and soar. Maybe it is an ancient thing....light after the cold, dark, gloomy days of Winter. There are societies where Spring is celebrated with festivals and singing. Likewise Summer and then harvest and ,I believe, in Sweden there is a celebration of Autumn before their cold Winter sets in. Sounds quite fun.  Maybe the lightened mood is as simple as vitamin D hitting the spot after being so covered in coats, hats, scarves etc?  Personally, I am not one who thrives in intense heat but I do like a nice bit of sunshine.  Jboy cannot regulate his temperature,It is part of his condition. So, in the intense heat, he gets really ,really hot and we have to be very careful to keep him cool enough and make sure he has enough to drink. In the cold, he will go blue without realising that he is cold so again we have to monitor him well. Yet another aspect of living with the Boy that we no longer think about but do naturally.
The scenes of bucolic beauty were marred only by the sight of badgers corpses along the verges..I counted at least 4. I am getting used to the sight of the enormous wind turbines which seem to be popping up all over the place. There was a veritable forest of them en route today. Quite a sight. They still do look a little alien to me , like something from science fiction.....except ,of course, they are now science fact. I saw several birds of prey overhead too (possibly looking at the badger corpses!!). It all suddenly felt very ancient. Imagine all the people who have lived and worked in this countryside. What did they do? Who were they? Generations upon generations. I love those fields which still bear witness to ancient farming...ridge and furrow. Ordinary people living ordinary lives but leaving a lasting impact on our countryside. 

What will our impact be I wonder????