Tuesday, 19 April 2016

my own Mrs Tiggywinkle

So..it turns out that I am not such a dolt as I had thought.....the MMSWW phoned today....the card didn't work with the whole Leisure Centre thing because Soc Servs hadn't loaded it with the golden pennies that will enable me to swim (or something).All that angst and wringing of hands..and it wasn't me, after all. Phew!!   Phase one of Operation Rescue N and M has commenced.....a lovely lady came yesterday to do my ironing!! She paled slightly at the enormity of the basket and said, in rather subdued tones,'Well I wasn't expecting THAT!'. However, armed with my trusty iron and ancient wooden ironing board, she set to. In no time at all, she had subdued M's work trousers into pressed submission and removed crease upon crease from his work shirts. He is now surely wearing the best  pressed and flattened shirts in his place of work. What a gem.  the Most Marvellous Mrs Tiggywinkle of our modern day !(except  rather less prickly)

the end