Thursday, 21 April 2016

compost and cinnamon

So....M has a composting system at the bottom of our garden. He has three piles...year 1 which is where all new compost goes; year 2 is the slightly more composted compost and year 3 which is the compost I am allowed to use in the garden. He has an annual composting session when he does miraculous things and somehow enlarges the year three heap and diminishes the year one heap so we can start all over again. However he has not yet had time this year to do this amazing feat of transformation so today I did the unthinkable and bought some compost from the garden centre (which I visited without the accompanying Jboy!..yes I  AM allowed to go to garden centres on my own). We now have three most colourful tubs/containers of plants. After I had made them up I realised that all I was doing really was making easily accessible food for the deer...but .....NO!! I have some spray stuff from said garden centre which is designed to keep deer away. I am hoping it doesn't smell of something disgusting which might diminish somewhat our enjoyment of the pots!! I will let you know .(I expect you are waiting with breath bated)

I realise that I use a lot exclamation marks in my blogettes. I have always been an inveterate exclamation mark user. As one of my teachers at school once told me..'you are the only person who thinks that your written work is interesting enough to use as many exclamation marks as you do'. I was momentarily crushed but decided to ignore her and continue apace. She was called Thyra...probably had a secret chip on her shoulder and a grudge against anyone with an ordinary sounding name. In a book I have recently been reading the author claims that families/people can be described as 'sweet' or 'spicy'..she says that there are many overlapping qualities but generally,people lean towards one or the other. She claims that 'spicy' people have Enormous Feelings (use of capital. letters are ,in this instance ,hers) and their default setting is use of exclamation marks. So I guess that puts me in the spicy category! Cinnamon , I would like to think! (btw, the author has the FAB name of Jen that's a brilliant name)
So, off I go to fragrance the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The End