Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wednesday's chatterings

So....I know I can be stroppy. I know I can be stubborn.  I know I can be singleminded.  I apologise to all and any of you whom I may have offended in any way..especially through this anonymousish medium of the blog.
I used to be the shyest and most timid of people, blushing redder than a tomato at all times.(I know some of you who have seen me in full on performing mode might find this hard to believe...but 'tis true!!) I have found that I have got stroppier, more forthright over the years and especially when it comes to my children. I have had to stop many a medic or educator in Jboy's life to ask them exactly what they meant by one acronym after another.  Often they assumed I knew exactly what they meant because M was M and does the job he does. I didn't. It is SO important for parents to understand exactly what is going on with their child. If you don't understand...ASK!! It is your right, surely?????Or am I just being stroppy again? And, professionals, not everyone knows exactly what you mean..please spare a thought for us!! We're not stupid..we just aren't you.

It's a funny old thing..this life thing. This ageing thing. The silver haired old biddy who stares back at me from the mirror can't possibly be the same shy, retiring, wouldn't-say-boo-to-a-goose person that I was, surely???  But, yes. One and the same....and yet  strangely not. I suppose that life colours and shapes us as we go along. Much like a river will shape the landscape as it flows through. Perhaps that is where the idea of 'going with the flow' comes from. That shy person still does exist in me. She is still in there. She has just changed.

 I think that's how we do life...always changing and being shaped by experiences, people etc etc. There's that analogy of still water and moving water, one stagnates and the other is full of life and oxygen.

I choose the Captain from WallE  says, 'I don't want to just survive. I WANT TO LIVE' (maybe a slight paraphrase there!!) So I take my silver hair and my shyly hiding alter persona and splish splash splosh!

The End